easyWider universal flexible wheel arch extensions are a brand new product designed and manufactured in the UK.

Our products have been designed to be a stylish solution for when you need extra width and a lot more protection to your vehicle wheel aches when fitting larger wheels or just want a new stylish look.

easyWidertm is not a garage door seal passed off as a front spoiler nor are they a decorative finishing trim that offers nothing in the way of width or protection, easyWidertm has been designed specifically as universal wheel arch extensions.

Whether you choose the Standard 15mm wide extensions or the new XL 35mm wide extensions, you will be getting a premium product designed and manufactured in the UK made to last.

easyWidertm can be installed permanently or semi-permanently and removed without damage to the vehicle.

The polymer used has been precisely engineered for us to meet the most stringent requirements, this is the highest quality material available, not a cheap EPDM foam that will chafe and split from abuse, nor is it Rubber that will crack and age, life for vehicle bodywork is tough, extremes of hot and cold, UV and frost, then there’s the physical challenges especially around the wheel arches.


Impact and external knocks in car parks to abrasion and constant road debris thrown up from the wheels every mile of every journey day after day, this is one of the reasons why easyWider wheel arch extensions were designed with a clever return edge that protects and cushions the underside of the vehicle wheel arch lip from the continuous barrage of rocks stones and road debris especially if you have fitted wider than standard wheels.

This is what makes easyWidertm so unique!

All easyWidertm extensions measure 150cm in length, usually one length will be required for each vehicle wheel arch however if your wheel arches are small enough you may be able to fit 2 wheel arches out of one length of extension, likewise you may only want to widen 2 of your wheel arches which is why we cater to that in our store.

easyWidertm extensions have not one but two bonding surfaces across each entire length giving the most secure and robust fitting of any type. A set of OEM spec trim fasteners are also available with each comprehensive, super, and XL kits to offer the highest professional standards of fitment if  required.

easyWidertm has been primarily designed to be bonded to the vehicle using a specialised UHB tape supplied to us by UK company Innova solutions LTD. This is why we only supply this exact tape in all or our comprehensive and super kits.

The product supplied is tailored to the specific requirements of plasticised vinyl, automotive paint and trim, all this is proven by many years of research and real world testing by ourselves – we do not recommend any other tape than the one we supply.

New for 2021 – Textured coating to compliment the OEM finish on vehicles with textured bumpers and trim – see shop for details.

easyWidertm extensions can also be bonded on using liquid adhesive such as RTV silicone or polyurethane which we have successfully done ourselves, this may suit your requirements better if for example some damage exists to the vehicle bodywork already. A guide on how to do this is provided in the fitting instructions in the download area.

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